The Dive

One Mississippi…

Decisions had been made—some good, some bad—but either way here I was facing the consequences.

Two Mississippi…

It was a uniquely liberating feeling. Embracing the impending end, yet feeling more alive than ever. Could I linger in this moment a touch longer?

Three Mississippi…

The wind tugged a stray length of hair from my cheek and I closed my eyes against its firm touch.

“Embrace me… obey me,” its whisper roared in my ear.

Four Mississippi…

I laughed. It was unbidden: uncontrollable. It was the laughter of release; of panic and of peace.

Five Mississippi…

The wind pulled at my clothes as my choice came near.

“Stay,” it said; it begged.

Six Mississippi…

It grew firmer now, striking harder and faster—whirling and whipping at my face and hands.

“Obey me!” it shouted.

Seven Mississ…


I blinked the water from my eyes as a smile crossed my lips. In that moment, the waves carried me and the wind calmed.

What now?

It was a hopeful thought. A thought of possibility and potential—a thought I had never allowed myself.

“Now you learn to swim,” the ocean answered, as a wave gently pushed me toward the shore.


Thanks for taking the time to read my new piece, The Dive. I hope you enjoyed it.

This is the first piece I’ve written in quite some time and is an omage to what I hope is the other side of my mental health struggles. Please remember that if you are struggling yourself, please reach out to a loved one or professional help. You’re important, valued, and appreciated.

If you enjoy my work and feel so inclined, please consider shouting me a beer using the donation by PayPal in the far bottom left below.

Photo by Dmitry Osipenko on Unsplash

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