An Untimely Departure

I would have been a boy of maybe six or seven years of age when I first knew I wanted to be a writer. I would write stories in grade one about a pig who had no friends, or a tiger who had no friends, and they were. . . terrible. It obviously had nothing to do with the premise of these stories; they were solid gold and had absolutely nothing to do with any deep-seated psychological issue. It’s just that, well you know; writing is hard. Writing is hard and only the supremely gifted can prevail.

Do you know how you become a writer? The answer is obvious. You read: right? Armed with this sure-fire way to successfully become a writer, I started devouring books. This was great, I was learning all about how to write. But wow, those people were right; these novels are amazing and I’m nowhere near this good!

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

Tony Robbins

Oh I know what the problem is; I just don’t have life experience. I’ll work for a few years, travel a little, maybe I’ll study history and that will help me develop fantasy worlds akin to the medieval ages. That will help me develop a solid foundation and help me build believable worlds and characters. A few years turns into more and before you know it, it’s twenty-six years later. The timing couldn’t be any worse; I have a wife, a kid, a full-time job. I have a host of commitments and responsibilities and it would be close to impossible to start now.

Journey Photo Post 1

“Close to” is far enough away for me and here I am, writing and all. It’s amazing how much one can learn by just doing. Who would have thought that the key to being a writer is to write? What I plan to do here is to share what I write and what I learn and hopefully that helps you in some small way. Join me on my journey, help me in my quest and I hope that this helps you in turn.


4 Thoughts

  1. Looking forward to reading along Matt! I have the whole storyline for my novel that I’m going to write “someday” haha


    1. That’s great Jess!! It might be worth noting that today is someday. If I may offer some advice, about 2-3 months ago I joined a few Facebook groups about writing and having my feed full of people asking for and people offering help and it was that constant reminder of my interest that really helped me get moving.


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